Why We Love What We Do

Tracy Sterling —  February 11, 2016

In the spirit of Valentines, we thought it would be fun to interview the Staged Interior stagers asking them why they love what they do! When you get to do something you love everyday, it no longer seems like work. Studies show that the stronger the intrinsic motivation (personal passion) to perform your job, the more successful you’ll become and the better work you’ll do. Also, a common theme we noticed is that our team appreciates the family-like atmosphere they get to share everyday at work. Carrie Fiorito, Warehouse Manager, states: “I have worked in all aspects of this company…I love what I’m doing now because I get to work with everyone in the company.  I get to see projects coming to life from start to finish…Staged Interior is my home away from home.  We’re one big family.”

Another appreciated aspect of staging is the finer points that bring a home to life. Trish Kim, owner of Staged Interior, mentions: “Staging is truly my passion and I’m so thankful to Barb Schwarz for creating this industry! They say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life so I never work because I really love what I do. I create beautiful environments to make buyers, builders and Realtors fall in love with the houses and spaces we stage. From the first moment at the initial consultation where I’m privileged to meet the people who need my help showing off their listings, to the final touches in every project, I love every aspect of the process: the relationships, the creative brainstorming, making the best choices for each property, shopping for just the right piece of furniture, accessories or wall art to make the transformations on the day of staging.”

Then there’s the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a stage; there is great satisfaction in putting a project together and seeing it to fruition. Young Kim, Business Manager, states: “I love my work as a problem solver (it fits my personality perfectly) to sellers and Realtors to get their properties and listings to be prepared for sale.  I also love the fact that our company is providing outlets to very talented ASP team members to shine in the creative field…I love coordinating all aspects of staging projects to make sure that our team leaders have what they need to work with sellers and Realtors to stage projects on the listing timeline with excellence in customer service and efficiency in operations.”

As you can see, our team at Staged Interior absolutely loves what they do. We hope that our passion is evident with our stages, from our consultations to the finished product. If our customer loves the final project, then we’ve done our job and that is something we all can love.


Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling