Trish’s Gorgeous Spec Home

Tracy Sterling —  February 11, 2016

This Madison Home was fun to stage since Trish had staged this model twice before. She explained that she loved trying to find a new and different approach to differentiate this project. When we were done, this beautiful model was nothing like the other two that had been staged. Trish also describes the satisfaction that comes from seeing a projection to completion. She loves serving her clients and making an impact on their lives:

“The projects require challenging physical activity and every property is different and exciting, so I’m never bored and no day is like the last one nor the next one. In my design career before The Staging Industry came along I did have fun and it was rewarding but Staging is like design on steroids with instant gratification built in. The aspect of Staging I love the most is the response from the clients I serve. I love making a difference in the lives and futures of every client. I hope and pray I never have to stop!!!”

Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling