Summer Staging Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Tracy Sterling —  July 12, 2016

Proper home staging is all about creating a space that will stimulate a buyer’s imagination. Your goal is to get interested parties to picture themselves living (in comfort and style) in your home. However, most homesellers focus their energies on staging just the interior of their homes. This is a big mistake.

Your outdoor spaces – especially during the warmer months – should exude relaxation and cool summer comfort. Check out these tips to help you stage your poolside area, your patio, and your front porch for maximum buyer impact.

Large home with backyard pool and a patio set up with lounge chairs, table, and umbrella.


Freshen – Nothing deters a potential buyer like a dirty pool. Before any showing, make sure your pool is properly cleaned and skimmed, and the water is sparkling. This goes for the areas surrounding your pool as well. Power wash any dirty marks on the cement around the pool, and confirm that the grassy spaces are trimmed and well-kept.

Organize – Pools are active spaces in the summer months. If you have kids, double check that you’ve tucked away their pool toys and floatation devices. Any poolside equipment, including skimmers and hoses, should be organized and in its proper space.

Enhance – Your poolside furniture should create a sense of relaxation and ease, so buyers can imagine themselves lounging by the pool in the warm sunshine. Consider adding an umbrella and some freshly folded white towels to create a luxurious look that’s truly hotel-worthy.


Freshen – Patios are at their best when they’re swept clean of debris and dirt. Take a quick  pass with the rake or leaf blower to get any leaves off, and consider a once-over with a power washer if the cement or stones have any stains. Don’t forget to spruce up the surrounding greenery by edging the borders of the patio, cutting the grass, and pulling any sneaky weeds in the area.

Organize – Much like the area around the pool, patio-related equipment should be in its proper place for a showing. Tidy up any hoses or gardening equipment that might be out and about. If you have kids, make sure the play area is clear of toys and any playground equipment has been cleaned and landscaped accordingly.

Enhance – Patios are ideal places for entertaining friends and family alike, so stage this area with a sense of fun! A well-placed barbecue grill will have potential buyers dreaming of the cook outs they can host if they purchase your home. When decorating, use the items you have currently to their fullest potential before purchasing any new patio furniture. Simply switching out the seat cushions or giving the patio set a facelift with a new coat of spray paint can do wonders for your staging scene. Keep the focus on the fun, and buyers are sure to love it.

Front porch

Freshen – The front porch is the first thing potential buyers see when they’re doing a drive-by of your property, so you want to dedicate the time to make it look beautiful and inviting. To give your porch a quick refresh, first repair any trim, boards, or fencing that might need mending. Then add a fresh coat of paint to make your porch look squeaky clean. And don’t forget the front door! A new color or a paint touch-up can do wonders for your entryway, and the new look will have buyers itching to walk through the threshold to see the rest of your home.

Organize – It’s easy for your front porch to get cluttered with furniture and decorations, but when it comes to home staging, less is more. Hanging plant baskets, decorations, and chimes can detract from the overall picture of your home. Make sure the view from the curb to the front door is unobstructed, and reduce your porch furniture down to just a few key items.

Enhance – Punch up your porch style with some pots of colorful flowers, or by layering an outdoor rug beneath your porch furniture to create an intimate space. The key to styling your porch is to focus on enhancing one small area for chatting and relaxing. Don’t try to over-style here. The porch should be pretty, but don’t forget that your whole home should be the actual star.

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