Staged and Sold (For Above Asking!) in 5 Days

Tracy Sterling —  November 11, 2014

We’ve staged for Robyn Burdett’s clients for over 7 years and we’re so thankful for her ongoing business! She understands the value of home-staging in a competitive market like Northern Virginia. Robyn, who’s a RE/MAX broker, has a proven track record with over 25 years of experience and negotiation skills that will blow competitors out of the water!

Staging the Rock Brook home in Clifton, VA for Robyn’s client was a unique project for us because we used almost entirely all of the homeowner’s furniture and accessories to stage. We primarily focused on positioning of furniture, flow, purpose of space, and de-cluttering. The results were stunning and the home was on the market for only five days before an over-asking price was accepted and the home was under contract.

After the transaction was complete, Robyn shared with us, “Trish has been my go-to person for all my listings since 2007. She understands the market, what buyers are looking for and what sellers need to hear in order to make their home stand out from the rest. My clients on this home were surprised at how she took their items that they have had for years and arranged them so their home shined. The basement, which they have had issues with on how to set up for years, did not only look great, but was very usable. They wish they could have had Trish come years before so they could have enjoyed it more.”

Thank you, Robyn! We’ve enjoyed working with you over the years and are so grateful for your ongoing business.

This home was staged by Trish Kim and her team.

Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling