Sold Within Hours After Staging!

Tracy Sterling —  June 22, 2016

After  sitting on the market for 45 days, Realtor Rob Chavez, owner of The Caza Group, asked us to stage an 834 sq ft one bedroom condo in Alexandria. Our team leader Maggie finished staging the project and within hours of completion, an offer was made without a price reduction! Sometimes it is difficult for the homeowner to envision how their furniture will fit within smaller places. The power of staging actually makes the space look bigger with correct furniture placement that is proportionally sound.

Rob Chavez shared his experience with us after the staging: “I had a condo that was sitting for 45 days. We had renovated the unit and looked good but it was missing the wow factor. Staged Interiors did their thing and the unit looked AMAZING. I was blown away! The property sold for FULL PRICE 1 day after it was staged. Thank you!!!”

Thank you for putting your trust in Staged Interior, Rob!

Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling