Sarah Jane’s Latest Staging Sold in 4 Days

Tracy Sterling —  February 11, 2016

Sarah Jane, our newest team leader, who has moonlighted as a Realtor, has a unique love and appreciation for staging, having seen it from both sides. With a heavier emphasis on first impressions, Sarah Jane discusses the importance of the initial “wow factor” and how putting a little elbow grease and love into your work can pay big dividends:

“Having worked as a Realtor, I know how important it is to capture the buyer’s interest within the first 30 seconds. I love the trust and creativity Staged Interior entrusts in me to really transform a home into something beautiful. They have the utmost confidence in our abilities and allows us to really capture the heart of potential buyers.”

Sarah Jane goes on to say this particular occupied home in Ashburn was such a successful project because the homeowner trusted her, followed her paint color recommendations in the main living areas, and decluttered. All of the hard work paid off as they accepted an offer in only 4 days on the market.

Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling