Jeanette Loves Transforming Homes

Tracy Sterling —  February 11, 2016

Often times when we stage an occupied home, we use a mixture of our own furnishings and the homeowner’s–our team leader Jeanette seamlessly updates a home instantly with choosing the best combinations. In this latest occupied project, she created beautiful spaces by using as much of the existing furnishings as possible.

Jeanette describes her love for teamwork, staging, and how interspersing a stager’s touch and a customer’s touch can produce beautiful results:

“If you love what you do then it’s not work.  The best of both worlds!  I love the creative aspect of turning a builder’s dream house into a home that when someone walks in says “I could live here”.  I love transforming an occupied home into something…a potential buyer could make into “their” home. Staged Interior also offers a unique team spirit and camaraderie.  There are no egos and everyone wants to help each other and learn from each other.”

Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling