Home Staging Creates a Love Connection

Tracy Sterling —  February 9, 2015

SONY DSCHome-staging has a lot to do with love when it comes to buyers, sellers, and real estate. After all, the primary goal of staging is to make a potential buyer fall in love with a home.

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Residential real estate is usually the biggest purchase or investment that anyone will ever make. Like finding love in any other relationship, it usually happens based on emotions, not logic. When a potential buyer looks at a home, they are probably considering one that has met all their needs (location, number of bedrooms, baths, and within their price point). However, they are also looking for the one that “feels right”; they want a house that feels like home and they want to fall in love.

How home stagers create love for home buyers

Love is simple for home stagers to create for home buyers. When we prepare homes for sale, we employ lifestyle staging techniques. We create the dream of what life could be in this new home. Our goal is all about building a foundation for them to fall in love.

How home stagers create love for home sellersSONY DSC

Home sellers fall in love with the home staging process when they realize how much easier their life is during the stressful period of showings. By having the home managed and ready prior to listing, receiving the phone call that the house is ready becomes an easy event, not a frenzied one.

There is even more love that spreads when an offer happens quickly. At the closing table, love blossoms because sellers know that they are walking away with the best deal possible on their home. They have maxed out their equity, with creative help from the savvy Realtor and professional stager.

How home stagers create love for the Realtor

Any Realtor that has a relationship with a professional home stager knows what love is all about. Home stagers bring Realtors to the forefront with their customers. They create more referrals, more opportunities to win at the listing and selling (negotiating) table, and help Realtors get their commissions faster.

Love is about taking care of each other, doing what’s right, and always looking out for the others best interest. Home Matters Home Staging does each of these. Let us be your Valentine… Love is guaranteed.

Linda Barnett, a Home Stager from Indianapolis, is the author of this article, to view the original version of this post, follow this link.

Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling