Vacant Condo Staged and SOLD

Tracy Sterling —  August 11, 2015

Our team leader, Maggie, helped show the full potential of this vacant condo in Falls Church. Before being staged, this home sat on the market for nearly 4 months. After Realtor Patrick Coen called us to stage the home, it took less than 6 weeks to be sold. When a home is vacant, homeowners tend to focus on the negative of the home, instead of seeing its full potential when staged.

Patrick Coen, Realtor with Samson Properties, has been in the Northern VA Real Estate market for over 13 years. His experience led him to being part of a Real Estate Team that ranked in the top 1% of the nation in sales for 6 years.

Staging this home made all the difference- Maggie brought it from drab to fab for a buyer looking to enjoy condo living!


Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling