7 Ways to Make Your Home As Healthy As You’ll be in 2015!

Tracy Sterling —  January 12, 2015

Now that 2015 is upon us, it is the perfect time to make changes in our lives. While many will focus on their personal or financial health, let’s take some time to focus on our residential health because a house with order contributes to a stress-free life!

Do you have clutter in your closet? How about in your basement or attic? Even worse, do you have random junk just lying around your daily living space? If so, follow these seven de-cluttering tips to help get you organized in the New Year.


  1. Plan a de-cluttering day-If you actually schedule a day to de-clutter your dwelling, you’re more likely to do it! However, if your task is too overwhelming to complete in one day, schedule a few shorter-timed days to complete the job.
  2. Set a timer-Speaking of multiple de-cluttering days, set a timer each de-cluttering session and be sure to chip away at it as long as the timer is running. Once the “ding” goes off, you’re done for the day!
  3. Create a list of spaces to de-clutter-It sounds easy but chances are, we are going to just start at a random space. If you bring order to your organization by creating a list of places to de-clutter, you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment upon completion.
  4. Change your perspective-You live in your space. You know your space like the back of your hand because you see it every day. Take some pictures from unique angles to help change your living-area perspective. This might lead to de-cluttering that you didn’t even know needed to be done!
  5. Organize with bins-Still using cardboard boxes to store items? Not only will your items be safer in plastic bins, you can see in them without digging through boxes. Plus, you can color-code them for easier management!
  6. Utilize a Three-Box method-Create a box (or bin!) of items to Keep, Sell, and Donate. Not only will you whittle down your collection, you may make some money in the process. Or even better, you can help others in need. Remember, one person’s junk is another’s treasure!
  7. Fill up garbage bags-When all else fails, bring one or two large garbage bags to your “mission” and don’t stop until they’re both filled. What you do with the items after is up to you.

De-cluttering will help simplify your life and everyone can benefit from the process. However, if you’re in the market of selling your home, just remember that buyers buy space. There is no better way to display your space then by de-cluttering so give us a call and we can help make that space look as “healthy” as you’ll be in 2015!


Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling