3 Common Mistakes Made by Home Owners

Tracy Sterling —  September 16, 2014

We have walked into thousands of potential clients’ homes who are thinking about staging to sell. Most of these homes are occupied with the homeowner’s furniture and accessories intact, though many have already started boxing up their belongings. We have seen a variety of ways people get their homes ready for the real estate market though here are the 3 most common mistakes we see homeowners make:

RSONY DSCemoving photos or other personal items that are specific to their taste, but not necessarily something a potential home-buyer would find pleasing. The goal of staging is to present each home as a neutral setting, allowing any potential buyer to feel as though they can see themselves living in that space.

The next big “no-no” that homeowners frequently commit is not showing bedrooms as actual bedrooms. If you are listing your home as a 3-bedroom, then the home should be displayed as 3 bedrooms — not 2 bedrooms and an office or 2 bedrooms and an exercise room. If the third room is small or oddly shaped, it’s important to show a potential buyer how the room could actually work as a bedroom. Staged Interior frequently sets up a room to include a desk and a daybed to cover both visions.110 Living Room (2)

The third mistake we frequently see is the removal of too much furniture and decor from the house, in an effort to make the home feel bigger. Yes, de-cluttering and┬ádepersonalizing is the best place to start when preparing for the real estate market. But it is so important to use furniture and decor to highlight the home’s best features, and to create a vision of what it could be like to live there.

This is where Staged Interior can help! We can tell you what to display, what to hide, and what pieces are necessary to create a space that buyers will love. It’s a skill that takes creativity and training, which is why each one of the Staged Interior stagers have undergone the Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) training program, as well as extensive in-house training. If you’d like to learn more about our services in the Northern Virginia area, please get in touch with us–we’d love to chat!


Tracy Sterling

Tracy Sterling