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With the high inventory of homes on the market today, homebuyers can afford to be choosy. Buyers are looking for the best, so a home for sale can easily slip through the cracks if it’s not in pristine condition. Use these 8 tips to whip your home into shape and wow potential buyers.
  1. Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture throughout the house. Decorative objects on the furniture should be restricted to groups of 1, 3, or 5 items. groups 1-3-5
  2. Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen counter tops. If it hasn’t been used for three months… put it away! Clear refrigerator fronts of messages, pictures, etc. (A sparse kitchen helps the buyer mentally move their own things into your kitchen.)
  3. In the bathroom, remove any unnecessary items from counter tops, tubs, shower stalls and commode tops. Keep only your most needed cosmetics, brushes,perfumes etc.., in one small group on the counter. Coordinate towels to one or two colors only.
  4. Rearrange or remove some of the furniture if necessary. As owners, many times we have too much furniture in a room. This is wonderful for our own personal enjoyment, but when it comes to selling, we need to thin out as much as possible to make rooms appear larger.
  5. Take down, or rearrange certain pictures or objects on walls. Patch and paint if necessary.
  6. Review the house room-by-room, and if you need space to store extra possessions, rent a storage unit or POD. If you must use the garage, keep it as organized as possible when storing items.
    • Paint any room that is in need.
    • Clean carpets or drapes that need freshening.
    • Clean Windows.
  7. If you need room to store extra possessions rent a storage unit or POD. If you must use the garage, keep it as organized as possible when storing things and your home is for sale.
  8. Leave on certain lights during the day. During “showings” turn on all lights and lamps.

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